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We want to give a big thank you to all who played at The DoSeum this summer—from our camp participants to DoSeum first-timers— and we want to wish everyone a great school year! We hope The DoSeum kept your kid's gears turning over vacation. Think your student is prepared for an exciting, challenging, inspiring, and fun semester? We want to introduce a tool that can help keep the smiles around, even as new teachers, difficult curriculum, and standardized tests roll out. It's called developing a "growth mindset." What is "growth mindset?" you may wonder. It's the idea that we can shape the way our brains learn and solve problems. On the other hand, a "fixed mindset" is believing that a person's intelligence and talents are pre-set, or stuck. Which mindset do you think helps overcome the stress of studying for a world capital exam, or even, dealing with the aftermath of a bad test score? Nurturing your kid's growth mindset this school year can help them bounce back from set-backs and approach problems with a positive attitude. Sound pretty cool? The video below is psychologist Carol Dweck's Ted Talk presentation on how students who adopt a growth mindset learn more, learn faster, and approach challenges head-on. To learn more about growth mindset, you can watch the video and read our 5 handy tips below!


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